Transformers: Dark of The Moon

6 Aug

One of my favourite movie, Transformers. I’ve waiting it for countless months, but i’ve kinda disappointed after the movie time. Maybe i have high expectation on it. Dark of the moon took about 2 and half hours. That’s really long, i heard loud snoring sound inside the cinema. 😛 Well, no doubt that the autobots are the coolest, especially Bumble Bee, is always my favourite among all.


Will You Marry Me.求婚记

3 Aug

Every girl definitely dreams of romantic propose – carats of diamond ring and a big bouquet of 999 roses. Girls, do your dreams come dream? How’s your boyfriend proposed to make you say YES, I DO? I gonna share about mine.

He came to pick me up at Senai International Airport when i backed from Sibu, Sarawak during Chinese New Year. We pushed the luggage roller to the parking lot. He asked me to wait aside while he paid the parking fee. I kept asking him why i couldn’t wait in the car as usual and he just refused to do so. I felt kinda angry as  the weather was very hot. After the payment, we walked toward our Kenari. He tried to open the car door to dump in my luggage, but i was shocked when i saw flowers. He took the flower and a small tiny box (i only realized there’s a box, maybe the bouquet was larger than the small box), then he kneed down.

Do you know what’s my next reaction? i tried to stop him~! and said “don’t, it’s so embarrassing!” and trying to look around us. He said “please let me do this” So, i just let him be.

“Will you marry me?”

“Yes, i do”

On the way back to house, i looked at my “diamond ring” carefully and said “Dear, i have a decorative ring looked exactly the same as this one”

“Well, this is your decorative ring.” He said

(-_-)lll No wonder they look like twin!

The cross shaped decorative ring on the bear is the propose ring from my boyfriend.

Sunflower + lily bouquet

2nd house at Serdang

3 Apr

The 2nd house i’ve lived for my MBA study at Serdang, Selangor here. I’ve lived in a master room with another roommate (ex-roommate: Ming Fong, Food Studies student; current roommate: Xun Wen, MBA student). My room is kinda messy as i have too many stuffs. I love the colour of the room because it’s yellow, my favourite colour!

Left: my study desk, a brand new one

Right: my clothes and books

Left: my wardrobe with begs on top

Right: washroom

Left @ Right: the view of living room

Left: my bed with Little Fatty and Little Ming Ming

Right: shoe rack, those are my shoes, heels, slippers…… Please don’t surprise with the amount~ 😛

Left: old and small fridge but works very well

Right: kitchen

This is the place i’ve lived but i gonna move out soon. The master room gonna rent for RM 270, anyone interested?

Please contact me if you do.

酸.第四话“Happy Mid-Autumn Day (2001)”

2 Apr

This was the 1st year we celebrated the mid-autumn day~! We bought traditional lanterns and gathered in front of the KK2 (canteen). Everyone was happy with the small gathering. We just carried the lantern and walked around the canteen.

Everyone was happy with the lanterns! Jumping here and there, laughing here and there. ( we were far from home and kinda crazy together)

I love this photo, maybe because of the different colour.

I found these 2 cute pretties in my folder. Wonder where are they now?

Gals~ Please don’t kill me~! Come, everyone try to have a guess who’s the one under the cute mask? Especially the PIG, the pig is so suitable for her…..







The answer is

酸.第三话 “Yah Hui’s 1st Champion”

27 Mar

When you meet Yah Hui at the 1st time, you will never think she is a good runner. Well, she is~! and don’t ever try to challenge her, you know why? Because SHE WAS A CHAMPION FOR A MARATHON CHAMPIONSHIP~! Dude, don’t underestimate this small, tiny little girl.

Our dearest Yah Hui won the champion for Merdeka Marathon Championship. She liked to share her happiness with us, so we decided to open the hamper together~! Well, i only wanted the food!!!!

All the crackers and cookies from the hamper. Well, i’m pretty sure all these won’t able satisfy Yah Hui’s stomach because she is an extreme appetizer.

See Jian loved the camera so much~! 😛

酸.第二话”Mr. Abdullah”

27 Mar

Hey Guys, do you all remember this cute guy or not?

He is Adbullah, came to UPMKB for his vacation, then studied oversea.

This is picture we had before he went to Bintulu’s airport.

I wonder how is he now? Anyone has his news?

Alice In The Wonderland

27 Mar

Another film from Tim Burton, i like his own very unique style of shooting….. And i love Johnny Depp so much~! I’ve watched his several collection: Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow, Pirates of The Caribbeans, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory….

I watched this with my Fatty in Singapore as there’s no 3D in Johor Bahru and i insisted wanna watch 3D…. So i had the 1st experience to take the bus from Bukit Indah, JB to Jurong, Singapore. It’s really along journey and tiring~!The ticket costed us SGD 14 per person. The 3D spectacles made me feel uncomfortable, and heavy but the effect was nice. Alice returned to the wonderland again but forgot she had been there before when she was in childhood. She was told that she was the one who can kill the Jabberwocky, a pet of The Red Queen. All the costumes esp. the red queen and alice.

I love this dress very much….

Consider to have one, maybe can ask mum to sew me one.